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If you're looking for the best real estate lawyers and attorneys in Seattle, you've come to the right place. Purchasing a home or business property is a big commitment, and it is important to have experienced legal representation when making such an important financial decision. This guide will take you through 8 top real estate lawyers in Seattle so that you can get the assistance you need in navigating the complicated legal landscape associated with buying or selling property. Each one of these attorneys has years of experience practicing law in Washington State, specializing in all aspects of real estate law. They are well-versed in local laws and regulations, as well as keeping up-to-date with changes to commercial and residential zoning ordinances.

List Of 8 Best Real Estate Law Firms In Seattle.

Following is the list of the top 8 residential & commercial real estate lawyers in greater Seattle. They are experts in their field and can help you with everything from property negotiations to financing, joint ventures, and property management.

1: Cohen Property Law Group PLLC.

Cohen property Law Group PLLC is one of the best real estate Lawyers in Seattle that provides comprehensive real estate transactional services to individual and corporate clients nationwide. The experienced attorneys at Cohen Property Law Group PLLC help clients with real estate law matters, including:
  • Project entity formation and capitalization
  • Securing requisite zoning
  • Permitting
  • Land use approvals and compliance
  • Operational
  • Land use and zoning
  • Environmental due diligence review and analysis
  • & much more.

How do They Assist You?

This law firm assists with preparing and negotiating acquisition and development contracts, loan documents, construction contracts, joint venture agreements, management agreements, condominium documents, ground leases, restrictive easements, and other transactional real estate documents. Whether you are a developer or investor needing assistance with a complex real estate transaction or a first-time homebuyer needing guidance through the purchase process, the knowledgeable lawyers at Cohen Property Law Group PLLC can help. Contact them today to schedule a consultation.

2: Brettin Law.

Brettin Law Offices PLLC is a full-service real estate law firm based in Seattle, Washington, representing individuals, families, businesses, and investors in all types of property transactions and litigation. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in real estate law, including purchase and sale agreements, financing, Landlord-Tenant law, construction contracts, homeowners' associations, and zoning and land use. Other Services Brettin Law Offices PLLC residential real estate purchase, commercial and residential leasing, easements, due diligence, title clearing, and simple to complex deed conveyances.

Legal Services Provided By Brettin Law.

In addition to their transactional practice, the attorneys at Brettin Law Offices PLLC represent clients in real estate litigation matters such as breach of contract, construction defects, boundary disputes, and quiet title actions.

3: Jenny Ling, PLLC.

If you need legal assistance, the Law Offices of Jenny Ling, PLLC, is also one of the best law firms. They offer a wide range of services that will meet your needs, no matter what they may be. To guarantee the well-being of you and your loved ones, this real estate legal practice puts you first. whether it be
  • Estate planning
  • Real estate finance
  • Small business advising
  • Contract drafting
  • Child protection plan
  • Real property disputes or investing
  • Providing financial distress advice or litigation.
Their Seattle property lawyer advises small business owners on matters affecting their businesses, including entity formation, operating agreements, commercial leases, purchase and sale agreements, contract drafting and review, copyright and trademark law, and business succession planning. What makes them different is that they keep the needs of your growing business in mind. They understand that as your business grows, so do your legal needs. That's why they offer a wide range of services that will grow with your business.

4: Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC.

At Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC, their attorneys do everything possible to provide the best legal services. This law firm strives to provide outstanding professional services to its clients and help them resolve their legal matters fairly and reasonably. It has been voted Best Real Estate Lawyers in Seattle by its peers for many years, and they are positive that it will give you the same excellent service.

What Services do They Offer?

They provide analysis, problem-solving, planning, litigation, and dispute resolution services encompassing a wide array of issues, including governance and procedure, rental restrictions, architectural control, and insurance. Additionally, they also provide Cand C&R, Rule enforcement, government agency interface and compliance, premises liability, construction defects, contractor and developer disputes, employment law, fair housing, and disability issues, governing document review, evaluation, and amendment. Their general counsel services vary from simple document review to assisting boards of directors in understanding discrete issues as questions arise.

5: Gleam Law.

If you're looking for the best commercial real estate broker in Seattle, look no further than Gleam Law. Their attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and approachable and cover a wide range of expertise. From business law and intellectual property law to civil litigation and cannabis banking, they're ready for any challenge you throw their way. The Gleam Law difference is evident in their dedication, expertise, and service. Their cannabis lawyers are trusted advisors who can walk you through various legal situations, including licensing, business litigation, intellectual property, and other real estate dispute-related things. Their law firm offers expertise in everything from intellectual property law to litigation to mergers and acquisitions. They can help you establish a start-up, protect your business, or navigate real estate law – plus much more.

6: Holman Cahill Garrett Ives.

At Holman Cahill Garrett Ives Oliver & Andersen PLLC, their experienced attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to property owners, landlords, and general contractors in the Seattle area. How Do They Represent Individuals And Entities In Real Estate Law?
  • Evaluation of purchase agreements by a buyer or seller
  • Residential or commercial transactions
  • Commercial or residential leases
  • Easements
  • The gifting or selling of real estate
  • Review of title issues
  • For co-owned vacation properties, there are agreements known as "Cabin agreements"
  • Boundary issues
  • Litigation of real estate disputes
  • And much more.
Whether you want to buy or sell a house, the firm's real estate attorney in Washington state will walk you through the process and protect your interests. Their lawyers deeply understand Washington state law and are well-positioned to handle even the most complex real estate transactions. Contact Holman Cahill Garrett Ives Oliver & Andersen PLLC today to schedule a consultation.

7: Holmquist PLLC.

The attorneys at Holmquist & Gardiner are some of the top-rated real estate attorneys in Seattle, WA. They are dedicated to their clients and practice with inspired standards. The firm sets clear expectations and confronts difficult facts with a realistic approach.

How They Build Trust With Clients?

The attorneys at Holmquist & Gardiner develop trust by sharing new knowledge and ideas with the team and clients. They create and meet reasonable deadlines, and we update them as they inevitably evolve. The attorneys at Holmquist & Gardiner are professional and positive communicators. At Holmquist & Gardiner, PLLC, attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of litigation, including the following:
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Real estate litigation
  • Business disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • And more

8: Ellis Li McKinstry.

Regarding real estate law in Washington, you want the best representing you and your interests. That's where the team at Ellis Li McKinstry comes in. As one of Seattle's leading real estate firms, they have the experience and expertise to handle all legal issues that may arise. From contract negotiations to disputes and everything in between, their team of an experienced realtors will be with you every step of the way. And because they understand that every client is different, they will tailor their approach to meet your specific needs. So if you're looking for the best real estate attorney in Seattle, Ellis Li McKinstry is a good choice.

What To Look For While Selecting The Best Seattle Top-Rated Real Estate Lawyers?

When selecting a real estate broker in Seattle, it is important to look for attorneys with the expertise and experience necessary to handle your legal residential and commercial real estate needs. Make sure that they understand the laws governing real estate transactions in your state and the specific issues that could arise during a transaction. Also, consider their reputation and the reviews they have received from past clients. Ensure you understand their fees and any additional costs associated with their services. Finally, be sure to ask any questions that you may have so that you can be confident in your decision. With these considerations in mind, you should be able to find the right real estate lawyer that you need.


Finding the right Washington state real estate attorney can be a daunting task. However, with this guide, you can find an experienced and knowledgeable attorney qualified to handle your legal needs. With the Top 8 Seattle Real Estate Lawyers, you can rest assured that the best legal representation is available for all your real estate transactions. We hope this article has helped you search for the best Real Estate Lawyers. Good luck!